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From warming homemade soups in winter, to zesty and creative international dishes and yummy desserts, we present good authentic specials as the mood takes us. We even take requests - some of our regulars have asked for Tiramisu, Hungarian Goulash or Chilli-con-carne. And poof! has appeared.



We absolutely cannot confirm that we might bust out a microphone and some backing tracks if anyone feels inspired to sing, since we are not licensed to do so by the sphincter police.



If you have been to Amber in the past 8 months you'd know we no longer do Trivia as it attracts too many knobs. If you haven't been in the past 8 months, you may be a lost cause anyway.

("knobs" n. pl. - people over-proud of their factual retention who love to take free entertainment against the spirit in which it's intended but never make it worthwhile for anyone else and are generally not fun to be around).